Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lily Levesque - Young Writer is Guest Speaker At Recent SKAC Meeting

Lily Levesque

Pic (credit Tom Rath) – Lily Levesque, Grade Six student at Montague Consolidated,  read her stories to an appreciative audience at Southern Kings Arts Council’s November meeting

Young Writer is Guest Speaker  
16 November 2010

Dipping into her tickle-trunk imagination, Lily Levesque of Montague pulls out as many as two to three stories and verses a week.  Some are illustrated with her drawings, and all feature the kaleidoscope of characters, settings and plot twists that signify a budding talent.

Just ten years of age, Ms. Levesque is an enthusiastic member of Montague Library’s Reading group and the Library’s Junior Writers Group “Young minds With Sharp Pencils”.  A Grade Six student at Montague Consolidated, she spoke about her literary activities to an entranced audience at the 16 November meeting of Southern Kings Arts Council.

Although her mother, Sandy MacKay, takes no credit for Lily’s talent, Lily’s uncle Ronnie writes stories, and her cousin Carla has published several books.  Other influences include a tradition of being read bedtime stories written by the late Shel Silverstein, and her own interest in books that trigger ideas for short stories.

One such story is about Cowboy Bob, whose fear of horses is eventually overcome, allowing him to ride off into the sunset. Another features the young man picked by Santa to stand in for him after an unfortunate tipped-sleigh accident. A third is her short verse called simply Germ.

Ms. Levesque may be seen on stage at Georgetown during their winter pageant, and someday, you might hear her playing guitar.  In the meantime, however, you’ll typically find her busy at schoolwork during the day, and attending Guides or other groups some evenings. Otherwise she’ll be at home reading books or multi-tasking on her computer with Messenger, YouTube and Games operating simultaneously, exercising fingers and mind as her tickle-trunk imagination replenishes itself.

Southern Kings Arts Council supports artists across the Region with Professional Development grants, and also works to promote awareness and appreciation of the arts.  The next public meeting is Tuesday 18 January 2011, at 7:30 pm in the main floor Boardroom of Active Communities, Inc., Main Street, Montague.  For more information, contact SKAC President Fran Feher at 583-2888.

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